I wish to pay tribute to Antonnette Botha who is resigning as a member of the Code Maintenance Committee. I would like to thank her for her dedication and the contribution she made to writing the rules for UEB. Her wording and examples are still evident throughout the rulebook.

Antonnette Botha was the first chair of the Rules Committee (Committee VI of the UEB Project) which was established in 1993. She had a clear plan for the Rulebook right from the start. She assigned tasks, drafted rules, led discussions, chaired face to face meetings and generally ensured that the work continued step by step over the many years required.

Under her leadership, consultation was the key. She was, and is, respected for her depth of knowledge and her ability to manage all the minute details while keeping the core principles at the forefront.

Antonnette stepped down as chair in 2006, remaining as a member representing South Africa on Committee VI. When the Code Maintenance Committee was formed in 2010, she was one of four people appointed for their expertise. We could always count on Antonnette to thoroughly review any proposed changes to wording or examples and, often, to point out missed errors and unforeseen implications. Thankfully, even in “retirement”, she will continue to participate as an observer.

We are grateful that we will still benefit from her experience, wisdom, perspective and especially, her passion for UEB.

Respectfully submitted,

Phyllis Landon

Chair, Code Maintenance Committee