the South African flag blowing in the wind with SABA written in simulated braille
Welcome to the South African Braille Authority (SABA). SABA is the standard setting body for and promotes and advocates for braille and braille related matters in South Africa. It is a registered non-profit organisation.

Our vision:

To be the lead organization in advocating, promoting, monitoring and evaluation for the ubiquitous use of Braille through literacy and the various facets and applications of our daily lives.

Our mission:

To promote literacy for touch readers through the standardisation of braille codes while promoting and facilitating the use, teaching and production of excellent quality braille in literary and technical material, music and tactile graphics in all South African languages.

Our membership:

Our membership is open to any stakeholder in the field of braille. Members include schools for the blind (approximately half the members), consumer organisations of the blind, student disability units, braille producers, the SA Library for the blind and more. To learn more about becoming a member of SABA visit our .

To read more about the clauses that govern the organisation, you can visit our .

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