The Louis Braille Bulletin Volume 9

The Louis Braille Bulletin
No 9
July 2011
Compiled and distributed by
The South African Library for
the Blind
on behalf of
Braille SA
Letter from the Editor
Dear Readers
This issue of The Louis Braille Bulletin will focus on answering braille queries, report on the current status of the braille examinations, highlight important facts about braille, provide tips on caring for your Perkins brailler and inform you on international braille news.
I trust you will find this issue informative.

To receive a copy of {{italic[}}The Louis Braille Bulletin{{]italic}} contact
Pasha Alden (National Braille Consultant)
The South African Library for the Blind
Tel.: 046 622 7226

Treat Your Perkins Politely
“Treat your Perkins Politely,” as advised by a young braille reader, a winner in the braille writing competition of the Louis Braille bicentenary celebrations in 2009. The following tips will help you do just that.
1. The Perkins Brailler is stored in a clean dry place and covered when not in use
2. The brailler is handled with clean dry hands
3. When writing pressure on the keys is firm, never hard.
4. When transported it is best to have a carry case in order to protect the brailler from bumping against walls and objects and being damaged.
5. When not in use the carriage of the brailler should rest against the righthand margin. This releases pressure on the spring mechanism driving the carriage.
6. To ensure your Perkins brailler is always ready for use it is important to have it cleaned and maintained as regularly as possible.

The above tips will ensure that your brailler remains in fine working condition and ready for daily use.

Braille Examinations
The braille examinations are currently under review and a discussion document was circulated for comment by braille users, educators and braille instructors by no later than 23 July.
For more information contact:
Pasha Alden
Tel.: 046 622 7226

The Duxbury Braille Translation tables
The Duxbury translation tables were recently updated to address problems experienced with quotes and footnotes.
To receive a copy of the updated translation tables contact:
Pasha Alden
Tel.: 046 622 7226

Congress Braille21 Leipzig 27-30 September
A Braille Congress, presented by the World Blind Union will take place in Leipzig from 27-30 September.
Themes discussed at the Congress include education and literacy, vocational training, employment and lifelong learning, research and development, improving, access to information, and braille as a part of universal design.

Questions and Answers
Q.: When do I teach the learner to write braille?A.: The learner should only be taught to write with the Perkins Brailler once words and sentences in grade one can be read with confidence.

Did You know
– That Duxbury 11.1 is available;
– That a braille rules list is available for comment and discussion of braille rules and braille related matters;
– That there is only one fully trained transcriber of music braille in South Africa?

Meeting of Braille SA

We wish to advise educators, braille producers and stakeholder organisations that the next meeting of Braille SA will take place on 13-14 October.
For further information please contact:
Susan van Wyk (Secretary Braille SA)
Tel.: 011 839 1793